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Kathleen Garman

Epstein’s second wife, who, along with Sally Ryan, created the Garman-Ryan collection.

Esther Garman

Esther Garman was the third child of Epstein and Kathleen Garman, but Epstein’s fourth child.

Kitty Garman

Epstein’s third child, who retained her mother Kathleen’s surname.

Theo Garman

Theodore was Epstein’s second child, but his first with Kathleen Garman.

Jackie Epstein

Epstein’s fifth child and last child, whose existence was hidden from Kathleen Garman.

The 1950s

The last nine years of Epstein’s life were a period of public […]

1920 – 1925

Most of Epstein’s output in the 1920s was portrait work. He received […]

The 1930s

During the 1920s Epstein had only carved three pieces of work – […]

The 1940s

Epstein began the decade by publishing his autobiography, Let There be Sculpture, […]

An Epstein A-Z

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Margaret Epstein

Epstein’s first wife, who raised Epstein’s first child Peggy Jean.