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Website Introduction

This site has been designed to cater for any level of interest from casual browsing to academic research. You don’t have to look at the pages in any particular order, but you can use the related links on each page to follow a particular concept or story around the site. If you are a researcher, you can use the form below to contact us if you want to know the source of any information or photographs on the site.The content of this site is divided into six sections:

  • Biography
    Details of Epstein’s life and a chronology of his work.
  • Contemporaries
    Covers the artists and writers that Epstein knew.
  • Inspirations
    Explores the world in which Epstein lived and worked and the factors that influenced him.
  • Family
    Outlines Epstein’s background and family life.
  • Gallery
    Pictures of Epstein’s work from around the world.
  • Resources
    Links to other sources of information about Epstein, including galleries and museums.

This site is aimed at all ages, including children. However, due to the nature of Epstein’s work, and the responses it received, parental guidance may be required when children are browsing the site.