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Work By and Related To Jacob Epstein

Three Dimensional Works

David Lloyd George
Epstein is most celebrated as a sculptor, in particular his brass casts. This section contains a selection of his three dimensional work.


Reclining Nude (Sunita)
Epstein was also an accomplished artist in two dimensions - this section contains a number of his sketches and drawings, as well as preliminary plans for his sculptures.

Epstein's Life

Theo Garman Painting
Epstein's life was recorded with a number of photographs, letters and documents. This section contains a few of these key artefacts for you to view and read.


Portrait of Kathleen by Sally Ryan
Epstein is perhaps less well-known for his paintings, of which there were considerably fewer than his sculptures. This section contains some of the best examples of his work in various paint media.

Work that Inspired Epstein

Mesopotamian Duck Weight
Epstein drew inspiration from a wide variety of sources. This section draws all of these influences together in a single gallery.

Works by Epstein's Contemporaries

Caryatid by Modigliani
This section contains works produced by those working with and around Epstein during his life, and is drawn mainly from the work of those with whom he came into direct contact.