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  • A wife, a lover, can perhaps never see what the artist sees. They rarely ever do. Perhaps a really mediocre artist has more chance of success.
    Jacob Epstein
  • A website dedicated to the life and work of the artist Sir Jacob Epstein
    (British, b. New York City, 1880 – 1959)

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    This website aims to be the definitive resource for the artist and sculptor Sir Jacob Epstein (1880-1959).

    A comprehensive collection of material has been drawn together to give you an insight into all aspects of Epstein’s life, work and world. Here you can learn who Epstein was, who he knew, what he did and how he lived.

    Who was Epstein?
    The Biography section contains extensive information about Epstein’s life and background.

    Who did he know?
    This subject is covered in two separate sections – Epstein’s Contemporaries and Epstein’s Family.

    What did he do?
    The Gallery section has information about Epstein’s work, and pictures from collections around the world.

    How did he live?
    The Inspirations and Biography sections include material about Epstein’s artistic influences and the society in which he lived.