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Esther Garman

GR077 - 3rd Portrait of Esther with Flower - 1949
Esther Garman was the third child of Epstein and Kathleen Garman, but Epstein's fourth child.


Epstein's faithful canine friend.

Jackie Epstein

Fourth portrait of Jackie
Epstein's fifth child and last child, whose existence was hidden from Kathleen Garman.

Kathleen Garman

kathleen garman 1921
Epstein's second wife, who, along with Sally Ryan, created the Garman-Ryan collection.

Kitty Garman

Epstein's third child, who retained her mother Kathleen's surname.

Margaret Epstein

Mask of Mrs Epstein 1916
Epstein's first wife, who raised Epstein's first child Peggy Jean.

Max and Mary Solomon Epstein

Epstein's parents

Meum Stewart

GR079 - Bust of Meum Stewart - 1918
One of Epstein's lovers and models, she gave birth to Epstein's first child, Peggy Jean.

Peggy Jean Epstein

Peggy Jean Epstein
Epstein's first child, born to Meum Stewart - model and lover to Epstein.

Theo Garman

Theodore was Epstein's second child, but his first with Kathleen Garman.